Carved Stoneware Vase


A stoneware cylinder pot decorated in grey and green slip. It is carved from a third of the way up to the top, and has a crazed glazed finish. The ash grey section has been highlighted with indian ink to bring out the crazing/crackle.

The measures three inches across approx and stands around five and a half inches high.

The pot is for decorative purposes only and not suitable for food or for containing liquid.

This pot is hand built and not wheel thrown, and will include some individual features. This adds to its charm, and makes it one of a kind. 🙂

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All of my ceramic pieces are unique, individual and feature my own original designs.
Time, patience and care goes into their making.
As with all handmade work, no piece will be uniform, and will feature little lumps and bumps,
this is the charm of artisan work that has not been mass produced
Given the time and effort that goes into the making and creating,
my prices are a fair reflection of the work.

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