Lorrie is a highly skilled, intuitive designer and artist whose work can decorate and lift the space and the soul.. Lord Victor Adebowale (UK)
CEO of Turning Point and Director of ‘Leadership in Mind’
It’s always a buzz working with Lorrie. She has a real passion for what she does and is always looking to help others. Her wealth of multi discipline knowledge makes her an excellent advocate for the scene. Stina Jones
I have several original abstract works by Lorrie – each one different, and each with a timeless quality. I love the fluid, organic shapes of my more neutral piece, which I find immensely calming; and the vibrant colours of my set of mini canvases are fresh and uplifting.

Lorrie has a signature style that transitions smoothly between mediums: her pen work, watercolour, and acrylic paintings – whether monochrome, of a limited palette, or an explosion of rich colour – always have an easy harmony and balance in their detail.

Jeanette House (UK)
I have purchased a number of original ACEOs from Lorrie Whittington over the years, drawn in by the details in her art and enticed by the expressiveness in her lines. I have started a collection of her pieces and eagerly await new creations to expand said collection. Her heart, her soul and her passion can be seen in every thing she creates and it’s all beautiful. Petrona Kral Zickgraf (US)
I’ve known Lorrie personally and professionally since 2006/7, and own several of her printed works and handmade items. Not only does Lorrie combine her considerable art and design experience with wondrous artistic whimsy, but she is also an active proponent within the art and craft communities, helping to support and publicise the work of fellow artists. Alan Ralph (UK)
Redunser Creative Solutions
I hired Lorrie Whittington to overhaul my website at the end of 2011. Lorrie is personable, efficient, exceedingly capable and delivered exactly what I requested for a very reasonable price. Lorrie also gave me valuable feedback on how I could improve my brand and her clear-cut, no nonsense work ethic made my experience of working with her both easy and a pleasure. Anna Stassen (UK)
Sakura Jewellery
I bought one of Lorrie’s original prints a couple of years ago and admire it on an almost daily basis; it has pride of place on my dressing table. I love the style, imagination and overall the beauty of the piece.. I hope to own many more pieces of her work in the future. Sarah Carter (UK)
I’ve purchased some of Lorrie’s original prints because I love her unique style. The colours are vibrant and rich and the patterns and textures lively; you can really tell that Lorrie is inspired by her natural surroundings, in Tidal especially. The fine detail used in her line drawing illustrations is amazing also. Lorrie produces the kind of art that you want to look at again and again. Katy Lassetter (UK)
Chichester Copywriter
Lorrie Whittington is one of the most talented artists I have ever had the pleasure to meet, she has integrity, and is a perfectionist in her work. She is a lovely honest person, and always delivers beautiful craftmanship, with individual unique and creative artwork, full of boundless imagination surprising you more and more with her talent. Katherine Trigg (UK)
Vintage Kit